The Folklore
NYC based lifestyle company focused on cultivating what is essential to living well.
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ABOUT THE Folklore House

The Folklore is a New York based lifestyle brand created by husband and wife team, Danielle Van Noy and Gordon Waltho.  The two share creative design backgrounds and a passion for art, friendship, travel, and food. Inspired by the idea of living slower more remarkable lives, they have taken to Hudson, NY, where they are renovating their first home together. 

Once completed, The Folklore House serve as a vacation rental, creative studio, and place for stories to be shared and ideas cultivated. The Folklore House is a jumping off point for us to share our love for living well, travel, design, the magic of food, along with all the things that ignite our passions, As we document our journey and the stories we collect, we refine and develop our continued vision for The Folklore.

The Folklore is an amalgamation of our life experiences and creative work that aims to bridge the gap between artistic expression and everyday living. We are dedicated to championing other creatives and helping individuals infuse a deeper connection to mindful risk-taking in the pursuit of the unconventional.